Posted by Tiffany

I feel like my life is going crazy and being turned upside-down...

  • I can't believe I'm filling out an application for my first job

  • I'm driving into town tomorrow by myself to meet some Rebelutionary gals while trying to figure out the perplexities of knitting... *sighs*

  • I'm trying to find out whether or not I'll be going to Africa in November for a month

  • I'm also trying to find out if I'll be going to the local community college

  • Getting ready to go to the Philippines next year (one of my books that I'm supposed to read before going came in from the library today-yay!!)

  • Trying to figure out what to write for the answers on the application for the school

  • And trying to trust God in the middle of it all!

Lord, help me to slow down and realize that Your love is the important.
Give me such a relentless passion for You that nothing gets in the way of doing Your will...

Not my selfishness.

Not my bad attitudes.

Not my fears.

Not my doubts.

Not my pride.

Nothing, Lord. Empty my life of me until You are all that's left. 'Till my life is no longer mine, but Yours. My transparency is Your window... Amen

Encouragement anyone??

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't posted about the trip yet. I will soon!

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Wow, girl! Didn't know all the amazing things God had brought in your life. I really need to catch up. lol :-)


Praying for you Tiffany!! Keep your eyes on Jesus!! Love ya!

Wow, seriously?! You're coming to the Philippines? When and where? =)

Well, if it's God's will, then I should be going next fall. :) And I think it's in Davao City. Are you in the Philippines? :D

Yup, I'm in the Philippines. :) Not in Davao City though...in Manila. :)

hey girl! I know exactly how you feel... It's like you have to make so many decisions and you don't know what to do! Keep praying for guidance from the Lord, and know you're not alone!

Ana: Yes, we do need to catch up! Send me your phone number again. lol :D

Alyssa: That's awesome that you live in the Philippines! Maybe we'll meet some day... :)

Thank you girls for the encouragement and your prayers! You're all such precious, wonderful blessings!

I receive a Scripture e-mail everyday, and guess what today's was?

Be still, and know that I am God!…
~Psalm 46:10

*laughs* Oh, God is amazing, no? He is so incredibly wonderful!