The Night  

Posted by Tiffany

I'm told that I need to update my blog...unfortunately, I don't have the rest of that story written, so you'll have to exert your patience even further. But with the pressure of having to write a new post, and the rest of a story that I don't have, I'm forced to post this poem. It's written a certain way, but I can't seem to format it like I want. >_< Ahh well, you'll still get the picture anyways-I hope. :D Enjoy!

Leaves rustling their fate;
Lake shimmers the late.

Owl soars low;
Eyes start to glow.

Stars in regal attire;



Shining down.

Flowers admire.

Everyone sleeps
Except for a few peeps.

Don't wait.
Before it's too late,
Take joy in the small things.