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I feel like my life is going crazy and being turned upside-down...

  • I can't believe I'm filling out an application for my first job

  • I'm driving into town tomorrow by myself to meet some Rebelutionary gals while trying to figure out the perplexities of knitting... *sighs*

  • I'm trying to find out whether or not I'll be going to Africa in November for a month

  • I'm also trying to find out if I'll be going to the local community college

  • Getting ready to go to the Philippines next year (one of my books that I'm supposed to read before going came in from the library today-yay!!)

  • Trying to figure out what to write for the answers on the application for the school

  • And trying to trust God in the middle of it all!

Lord, help me to slow down and realize that Your love is the important.
Give me such a relentless passion for You that nothing gets in the way of doing Your will...

Not my selfishness.

Not my bad attitudes.

Not my fears.

Not my doubts.

Not my pride.

Nothing, Lord. Empty my life of me until You are all that's left. 'Till my life is no longer mine, but Yours. My transparency is Your window... Amen

Encouragement anyone??

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't posted about the trip yet. I will soon!


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After starting to read the Bible daily, guess what happened? Yep, that's right, I actually missed a few days! Grr...what does that mean? Does it mean I've failed the Christian life? Does it mean I've done something wrong? Does it mean I'm not putting Christ before all else and not loving Him the way I should? These questions swirled in my head, as I realized that by the end of the day, I hadn't read my Bible. Oh, I felt so guilty! The reason for missing my reading wasn't because of a I-just-didn't-feel-like-reading-the-Word-today kind of attitude, but just life itself. As the days wore on, I continued to be bothered by all the questions and guilt until, one day, I read an entry on Preston's blog where he usually posts entire chapters of Scripture. The one he just "happened" to post that particular day was Galatians 5, which talks of no longer being under the law because of the freedom we have in Christ. Verse 14 is what really stood out to me:

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

That's when it struck me. Was reading my Bible every single day a requirement? Was I making it a "law" that shouldn't be there? That verse was telling me that all that was required of me was to love my neighbor as I would love myself. I was starting to realize that there was no need for me to feel guilty! I had started to look at reading the Bible daily as something I had to do if I was going to live the Christian life the right way, when all that was (and is) required of me was a selfless love.

Does this new realization now give me an excuse not read the Bible everyday? No! For that is one of the ways we walk and grow spiritually in the Lord. I will continue to strive to read the Word daily, but I will not let it become a legalistic burden.

Talk about fears becoming a reality, eh? :) It's amazing how wonderful God is...hmm, sounds like some good material for another post. ;)


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I had an interesting trip! Learned lessons and had fun. I'll post more on that later, but for right now, a dear friend of mine, Anika Q, tagged me on her blog while I was gone. So in honor of her tag, here goes...

Two names I go by

Well, ahem...is it that obvious?

Tiffany & Tiff (My friends are very creative, are they not? :D)

Two things I am wearing right now

What kind of question is this?? Umm, a red shirt and jeans. (hehe...you can tell I like my blog theme.)

Two of my favorite things to do

Mud-sliding and reading.

Two things you want very badly at the moment

I want to talk with someone...and...to finish Systematic Theology ( I need help, girls! Would any of you be available to help me catch up?)

Two pets you had/have

Princess (had) and other than that, I've never really had or have any others. Not much of a pet person.

Two things you did yesterday

Rode in a hot, sticky bus for 5 hours, and gave the younger ones a bath after getting home.

Two things you ate yesterday

Uhh...you don't want to know what I ate yesterday! Oh, you do? Really, truly do? Nah...I just can't bring myself to say it... *whispers* PB&J sandwich and potato chips!

Two people you last talked to

Erica and Sadie. :D (If you consider typing talking :P)

Two things you're doing tomorrow

Finishing up the unpacking and looking into what I'm going to do for school this year...

Two longest car rides

Hehe, from Colorado to Mississippi. ;) (and yes, I've done it twice!)

Two favorite holidays

Christmas and Thanksgiving

Two favorite beverages

Hmm...I'm stuck between water, sweet tea, and Sonic's strawberry drink! Yum, yum!

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