One Little Rebelutionary  

Posted by Tiffany

*Dedicated to Rebelutionaries around the world who are faithful in the little things*

One little Rebleutionary, in a corner of earth,
Worked and toiled with “Do Hard Things” as her girth.

Doing things she didn’t necessarily like.
She watched her friends as they went on their hikes.

Using their gifts as they worked for the Lord.
Seeing the fruits of the works they labored for.

But this one little Rebelutionary, got easily discouraged.
Because the fruit of her works were not so visibly discovered.

She would whine and complain.
Not realizing the value of the work mundane.

She sat in her room praying a pleading prayer.
When she suddenly realized that Someone did care.

The work that she did was not in vain.
For she was beginning to understand, that the Lamb that was slain,
Did not see her work somewhat less than the others.

The comfort she gave;
The prayers that she prayed.

The little things that didn’t seem much to her,
All were a great deal to the Lord that she served.

When the one little Rebelutionary had realized all this,
She stopped her complaining, and found her work bliss.

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That's really lovely, Tiff! Thank you for sharing that.

Oh goodness... that made me cry! I was struggling with envying the success of others last night... and went to the Bible to fill my mind with truth... instead of the "woe is me" thoughts *I* had been filling it with! God graciously showed me this verse in a new way: I Cor 11:18 But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired.

Just as He desired! He knows my hard things are being patient with my siblings... not writing a book! He knows I'm struggling with a correct attitude toward a parent... and although it isn't as glorious as giving conferences, attending conferences, or being 12 grades ahead like George Washington (;)), it's the hard thing He's called me to do!

May you be encouraged by 1 Cor 11. Let us look with His eternal perspective.. not our temporal one! :)


Amen, Rebekah! Thank you for sharing that verse and your heart! It was a blessing! Keep serving Him!