Doing Hard Things: Letting Christ Take Control  

Posted by Tiffany

Thanks to a certain friend, I now have a new theme!! Don't worry, it's the same blog just a different layout! ;) How do y'all like it?

Anyways, to the topic at hand. The Denver Rebelution conference was really incredible, of course! :) I was very much encouraged and uplifted! One of the things I have been learning and which was confirmed at the conference, was how we should be consumed with God. It is the basis of all hard things, and if you're not giving Christ your all and letting Him lead you, then doing hard things can be pretty useless. So just how hard is letting God take control be? I'm a Christian! Can't be that hard- easy as 1, 2, 3, right? Isn't believing that Christ died for my sins, rose from the grave in three days, and is coming back again enough? Sorry to break the news to you, but that's only the half of it! Believing is the first step, living it, is the next. Ok, no problem, I can do that. I'm not going to get a grumpy attitude when things aren't going my way. Next thing you know, that grumpy attitude is looming over my head, and I just can't seem to get it to go away! I'm going to read my Bible every single day. I find that the precious time I do take to read it is about as good as wasted, since I read one or two quick verses (occasionally!) and then convince myself that that was good enough! What's going on here? I thought I was a new creature in Christ. I think many times we will forget that even when living the Christian life, we need His help! I have to remind myself, "Stop trying to do it on your own, and start asking the Lord to help you!" And, wow, have I been amazed at what God can do, if we only let Him! Of course, I will never be perfect, and it will continually be a constant, hard battle, because my nature wants to rebel against all that is righteous. I think that's one of the reasons why the motto "Do Hard Things" has such an appeal to me- because it helps give me the incentive to rebel against my rebellious, sinful nature.

If you're having a problem, get on your knees and pray. Right now. If you want advice or answers to problems with life, get yourself into the Word of God. Start letting Him take the wheel! Nothing is more hard, glorious, or rewarding! Doing hard things starts with growing in your relationship with Christ, and stretching your boundaries to grow your character. The rest really is easy as 1, 2, 3. :)

...I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through faith in Christ. Philippians 3:9

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As I said on Preston's blog, this is an absolutely amazing design!

But just a few quick things:

1. Thanks for the link! But you might like to change it to "Anika's Writing Place" or "Anika" so that people don't think that it's another one of your blogs...believe me, you do not want people to think that I am might scare people! ;-P

2. You seem to have lost the verse in the change.

On the topic of your actual post....holiness is a never-ending struggle and it can get depressing. That's one of the reasons rebelutionaries need to encourage each other to look to Christ. (Which you just did!)

Thanks for the comment, Anika! I always enjoy 'em!

You're absolutely right!! I in no way would want people to think I'm you! :P It's changed. ;)

Oh, no I didn't lose it. It's on the side. You'll see it after "About This Blog" :)

And just to make sure things are clear, Preston didn't create this design! (though, I'm sure he could! ;)) He simply helped me get the design on my blog. Something I'm sure you would have no problem with! Me? Well, that's a different story... :D

Here's where I got it from. :) Though, I think some of the HTML texts on this site don't work. At least, the design I picked didn't. So Preston found a different site that had the correct HTML. I don't know which one,'ll have to ask him. :)

Ok, I changed it so you see the verse first on the side and the "About This Blog" second. :)


Hey Tiff! Long time no see :-)! Great post and your new look is very cool! I really need to start learning how to do some...heh, don't even know what you'd call "stuff", I guess ;-). My Dad's a pro at it (even has his own business) and I think he's planning on teaching me this summer.

See you around!

Hey! :)

Yeah, I know. Been busy!

Ha, you and me both! :D Glad you like it, though!

I still need to get some pictures up for you, don't I? I haven't forgotten, and I'll get some up after we get our main computer fixed! You wanted some of the goats, right?


Sure, if it's not to much trouble :-). Your family keeps La-manchas, right?

I love your blog...what a cool template.

Amen girl! God's been working on me in the same areas!