A Dream  

Posted by Tiffany

Yes, I'm still alive and breathing in this world! (And I know there's a certain post that I should write about! I haven't forgotten. ;)) For now here's a poem called...

A Dream

A dream, a dream, what is a dream?
A fable? A fairytale far, far away?
A vision that’s there, but always beyond your grasp.
You snatch and clasp, but you never can reach it;
Until all you do is dream about your dream.
‘But what if it’s something more - Divine Inspiration.
You try and fail, and fail, and fail.
Two steps forward, three steps back.
Maybe my dream really is a fairytale.
What if I give up? What then?
No one will care, please let me be!


I will not give up! True failure indeed!
I will press toward the mark ‘till the day that I die.
Where would I be if Christ had given up on me?
My dream comes from God.
How can He make the impossible come true?
Somehow He does it right before my eyes.
Before I know it, my dream is real!




A dream, a dream, what is a dream?

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You wrote this? =) Great piece! You know the song Never Give Up On Me by Josh Bates? That's what came into mind when I read the line about what would happen if Christ gave up on me (us). Truly inspiring. =)

Mmhmm, thanks! :) Glad God used it to bless you! :) Hmm...don't know if I've heard of that song-it seems vaguely familiar, though...

Thanks for stopping by! :)