The Beauty of the Heart  

Posted by Tiffany

Beating, beating

Life it gives.

Red as rubies

As it lives.

Deeper, deeper

Deeper still.

Getting darker

As it will.

Searching, searching

Finding sin.

Black as coal

Deep within

Crying, crying

Crying out.

Its helpless plea

And fearful doubt

Stretching, stretching

Out its arms.

The Spirit moves,

And calms alarms.

Gently, gently

Washing clean.

Making new

The heart once mean.

Slowly, slowly

Like the clay.

The Potter shapes

Day by day.

Turning, turning

The hardened heart.

Lovely softening,

The rough, torn parts.

Painful, painful

As it is.

The heart can smile

And rejoices.

Lovely, lovely

The heart drawn to Him

Never by force,

And filled to the brim.