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After starting to read the Bible daily, guess what happened? Yep, that's right, I actually missed a few days! Grr...what does that mean? Does it mean I've failed the Christian life? Does it mean I've done something wrong? Does it mean I'm not putting Christ before all else and not loving Him the way I should? These questions swirled in my head, as I realized that by the end of the day, I hadn't read my Bible. Oh, I felt so guilty! The reason for missing my reading wasn't because of a I-just-didn't-feel-like-reading-the-Word-today kind of attitude, but just life itself. As the days wore on, I continued to be bothered by all the questions and guilt until, one day, I read an entry on Preston's blog where he usually posts entire chapters of Scripture. The one he just "happened" to post that particular day was Galatians 5, which talks of no longer being under the law because of the freedom we have in Christ. Verse 14 is what really stood out to me:

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

That's when it struck me. Was reading my Bible every single day a requirement? Was I making it a "law" that shouldn't be there? That verse was telling me that all that was required of me was to love my neighbor as I would love myself. I was starting to realize that there was no need for me to feel guilty! I had started to look at reading the Bible daily as something I had to do if I was going to live the Christian life the right way, when all that was (and is) required of me was a selfless love.

Does this new realization now give me an excuse not read the Bible everyday? No! For that is one of the ways we walk and grow spiritually in the Lord. I will continue to strive to read the Word daily, but I will not let it become a legalistic burden.

Talk about fears becoming a reality, eh? :) It's amazing how wonderful God is...hmm, sounds like some good material for another post. ;)

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Great reminder! It's a shame that we so often turn to the Scriptures out of duty rather than love. The Bible is God's love-letter to us, something we should treasure. In my own life, I think I often lack this attitude because of an improper perspective about what really matters-God and others.

Keep up the good work! :^)


Hey! I've struggled a lot with this. I made a decision to read my Bible every day, and whenever I missed a day (which happened three time last year) I felt so terrible - like I was a letdown. But then I realized that although God does want me to spend time with Him - and it's very important that I do - He understands that when I'm sick or just out-of-my-mind crazy, I'm not excluding Him. I still feel bad to a certain extent just because God should be a priority no matter how sick or busy I am, but there is grace at the throne of Christ! Thanks for this post! It's somehow encouraging to know that others struggle with the same/similar things.

And in reply to your comment... it was really funny when I was filling out the questionaire (or whatever you want to call it) - I kept seeing my answer already typed in! :D

Thank you Tiffany for sharing that with us. It is encouraging and so very true.

My name is Jordan (I go by the computer name Arya, but I thought I would share my real name with you). I am also on the rebelutionary forums and saw your name and well, thats how I got to your blog. Already it has blessed me and I look forward to getting to know you and reading your future posts.

Please come by my blog some time. Have a wonderful day!

God bless,
Jordan Bethany

Proverbs 31:30 "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears God shall be praised"