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I had an interesting trip! Learned lessons and had fun. I'll post more on that later, but for right now, a dear friend of mine, Anika Q, tagged me on her blog while I was gone. So in honor of her tag, here goes...

Two names I go by

Well, ahem...is it that obvious?

Tiffany & Tiff (My friends are very creative, are they not? :D)

Two things I am wearing right now

What kind of question is this?? Umm, a red shirt and jeans. (hehe...you can tell I like my blog theme.)

Two of my favorite things to do

Mud-sliding and reading.

Two things you want very badly at the moment

I want to talk with someone...and...to finish Systematic Theology ( I need help, girls! Would any of you be available to help me catch up?)

Two pets you had/have

Princess (had) and other than that, I've never really had or have any others. Not much of a pet person.

Two things you did yesterday

Rode in a hot, sticky bus for 5 hours, and gave the younger ones a bath after getting home.

Two things you ate yesterday

Uhh...you don't want to know what I ate yesterday! Oh, you do? Really, truly do? Nah...I just can't bring myself to say it... *whispers* PB&J sandwich and potato chips!

Two people you last talked to

Erica and Sadie. :D (If you consider typing talking :P)

Two things you're doing tomorrow

Finishing up the unpacking and looking into what I'm going to do for school this year...

Two longest car rides

Hehe, from Colorado to Mississippi. ;) (and yes, I've done it twice!)

Two favorite holidays

Christmas and Thanksgiving

Two favorite beverages

Hmm...I'm stuck between water, sweet tea, and Sonic's strawberry drink! Yum, yum!

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Ignorance alert!!!
What is "mud-sliding?"

Hehe...it's sliding in the mud. :D Sort of like sliding in wet grass, except much more slippery and much more dirty! We were camping out by a lake, and we found the perfect mud hole. Maybe around 6-12in. of water. Oh, yeah! If you want to know what fun is, go do some mud-sliding! ;)