Reminiscing Summer Vacation: Part 2  

Posted by Tiffany

After making sure you all had enough time to wonder about what happened, here's part 2. ;)

My friend had called saying she had been in an accident. She was doing fine, but the car was totaled. Though I was glad she wasn't hurt, my selfish, little self was angry, grumpy, and getting a bad attitude that was turning into a whirlwind. I decided I had to get away from everything and go spend some time with the Lord. I went to a nearby park and sat down on a bench that was surrounded by fresh-smelling evergreen pines, and woodsy shrubs. With tears streaming down my face, I cried out to God... "Lord, I know that you knew all of this was going to happen, and I know that you have a purpose and reason for this. So please change my heart and my attitude." And I sat there in the silence...listening to the nature around me and God working on my heart. When I got up from that bench, peace was abounding in my soul, and dare I say, even splashes of joy. With the understanding that knowing Christ doesn't magically change your situations, but it sure does make them a whole lot easier to endure.

The second thing I "learned" (it was more of a realization than a lesson) was the obsession of worldly things and loves by the teens that I was around. It wasn't that it was surprising, but rather realizing how saddening the reality of such obsessions are. And seeing professing Christians do it, is that much more saddening. I had only one cousin who was on fire for the Lord and was really seeking to do His will. I cannot tell you how blessedly wonderful it was to be able to talk with him about the Lord, and just having that common bond of being in a relationship with Christ. You might think me naive in such a realization. I mean -duh- of course people, especially non-Christians, are going to have those kind of obsessions! But being at home most of the time, and being sheltered from that kind of company, my knowledge of being obsessed with the world seemed more like ideas and thoughts rather than fact. Sort of like head knowledge rather than heart knowledge, ya know? So I came to see the reality of what I believed to be true, and unfortunately, it was very saddening.

Our second week in Mississippi, we went to go visit Mom's side of the family (the first week was Dad's). We went bowling and got to experience a behind-the-scenes-look at the bowling ally. It was neat seeing where your ball disappears to and what happens to the bowling pins when they get knocked down. I also got to feed and pet a semi-tame squirrel-it's pretty awesome seeing God's nature up close! Dad and Mom also took us to the places where they went to college, got married, and went on their honeymoon. It was so cool to see it all and listen to them rehash old, fun-loving memories. They told their recollections so well, that it felt like their memories had become a part of your own. Can there be such a thing as hand-me-down memories? ;)

I had a very incredible encounter with the Lord that second week. I had been reading some books that my Meemaw kept about the rapture, and it made me aware of how short our time is and how precious souls are. It started to get me into a depressing mood, and entry from my journal will tell you why: (Note: You have to understand that I had a bunch of different emotions and feelings welling up inside of me, so some things might not make complete sense.)

I so don't deserve God's love for me! I feel so utterly helpless and useless. The Bible says to let your light shine, but how do I know it's shining??? Am I being transparent in Christ? When people look at me do the see someone who's different of just another person in this deary world? Does not telling every single person I meet about His love mean that I'm not passionate about Christ? How can God use someone like me for the ministry? I'm 18-years old and I have yet to lead one person to Christ! Why does God want to use me?? Isn't there somebody else? I don't know what to do, but to put my trust in Him! I found this verse the other day while reading the Word, and it makes me wonder why I even bother asking such questions. The verse is found in Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord they God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

God was talking to Joshua before he went to conquer the promise land, but those same words spoken so long ago, still hold true for us today. God is still with me, and He will NEVER leave or forsake me. How can I ever doubt Him? So unworthy yet being made qualified for the calling.

I love you Lord,


I was alone in our trailer, and after writing that, I just started praising God, and one of the most beautiful things happened. I could actually feel the Lord's presence. He was right there in front of me enveloping me in His spirit. Oh, I could've stayed there forever. I don't understand how people can deny His existence...

So after the second week, we headed back home and, on the way, stopped in Oklahoma to a visit a friend of Mom's. The only glitch when traveling home was that we didn't have any A/C in the bus, so we basically melted for two days. But we survived and arrived safely at home sweet home. Such bliss to be back in familiar surroundings again...ahhh...if that's how it feels to be home here on earth, what will arriving in heaven be like? :)

And there you have it folks! Summer vacation. Wow. I can't believe how quickly it flew by.

Oh, and a note of warning (in case you haven't already noticed). I'll be very sporadic in my posting for awhile. I did start college this year so it's keepin' me on my toes. But I am enjoying my classes nonetheless (most of them anyways ;)). Your prayers would be appreciated since I tend to let little things get in my way instead of looking at God's big picture. How quickly I forget I'm His. Anywho, thank you all so much my dear and faithful readers! One of these days (I hope) I'll get back to blogging more regularly! :)

Keep strong in the faith!

Pressing On,

Reminiscing Summer Vacation: Part I  

Posted by Tiffany

Ok, so I finally get around to telling y'all about our trip to Mississippi! ( soon is soon?) Anywho, where to start. . .how about sharing with you some entries from my journal and filling in the rest as much as I can. :)

After leaving the house and stopping in Salina, Kansas to spend the night, we headed back on the road for the last 12 hours of our journey. We had driven for a few hours when Dad took the wrong exit nearly crashing in the process! It's scary waking up to an 18-wheeler blowin' its horn at ya! Dad was pretty mad at himself for taking a "detour," but we found out, thankfully, that we weren't too far off the beaten path. We stopped for a break at a *rural* gas station (I mean, it looks like it's been handmade or somethin'!). So we're waiting on Dad to finish filling the tank, he gets back in the bus, and guess what? The bus is stuck right in front of the pumps. Yep. We're stuck in hot, sticky Oklahoma, and we're not being able to find a single place open for someone to fix the bus. We kids are outside waiting on Mom and Dad (who are inside the gas station trying to get some help), and I look at the saying we have on the front of the bus: "With God and puppies, we can lick anything!" Ha, living what you believe sure is hard. It certainly didn't feel like we were "likin'" anything...but God gave me the strength to praise Him and have a good attitude about things. Sining Lincoln Brewster's song "Today Is The Day" helped some. :) Well, we finally did find a guy who was on call 24/7 and wasn't too far from the gas station-praise God! Otherwise, we would've had to spend the night there, which we didn't want to do! It took about five hours, but we survived what with the car part place having an AC building with a little entertainment area for the kids. The Lord is just plain amazing! If we hadn't taken that detour, we would've been stuck on the highway with no means of being able to contact anyone or getting anywhere. God is good all the time; all the time God is good!

Signing Out-
We went on to arrive at my grandmother's house at 3am. By the way, scaring people at three in the morning is totally fun! *wink* So after a day at her house, we take our trailer to a lake that's about 30 minutes from where Grandmother lives. It was fun going tubing, water skiing, swimming, cooking s'mores, playing volleyball, getting sunburnt...ok, so maybe the sunburnt part wasn't too fun, but we had a good time. Oh, and we also played a game that was new to me called disk golf. (Google it; it was pretty fun-competitive too ;))

There were two things I learned here. I have a very special friend of mine who lives in Tennessee, and her and I had decided that we would meet-up since I was finally on the "other side of the Mississippi" as she put it. We were both very much looking forward to it! She was going to drive down on the 4th of July, and I was just counting down the days until she could come. So the day for her to arrive finally comes and I am so excited!! And then, I get this call. . .

And that's where I leave you for now, folks! Thanks for being so patient with me! Part 2 is next! :)

A Dream  

Posted by Tiffany

Yes, I'm still alive and breathing in this world! (And I know there's a certain post that I should write about! I haven't forgotten. ;)) For now here's a poem called...

A Dream

A dream, a dream, what is a dream?
A fable? A fairytale far, far away?
A vision that’s there, but always beyond your grasp.
You snatch and clasp, but you never can reach it;
Until all you do is dream about your dream.
‘But what if it’s something more - Divine Inspiration.
You try and fail, and fail, and fail.
Two steps forward, three steps back.
Maybe my dream really is a fairytale.
What if I give up? What then?
No one will care, please let me be!


I will not give up! True failure indeed!
I will press toward the mark ‘till the day that I die.
Where would I be if Christ had given up on me?
My dream comes from God.
How can He make the impossible come true?
Somehow He does it right before my eyes.
Before I know it, my dream is real!




A dream, a dream, what is a dream?