Tagged Again!  

Posted by Tiffany

This time by another good and dear friend, Alyssa! :)

Ok, umm six random things about myself...oh goodness, this is going to be a hard thing. :P

1. I'm irked by half-open doors. I'm really bad about it...whenever one of my siblings comes into my room when I'm studying or something, and they don't shut the door all the way when leaving (and I mean ALL the way), they know exactly what I want them to do when they get called back. Hehe...

2. I've never been a patient in a hospital before.

3. My favorite colors are light-yellow, sage, lime, purple, and blue.

4. I will eat plain ketchup on a piece of bread.

5. I'm afraid of moths.

6. I've almost been stung by a jellyfish.

There you have it! Six completely random things about myself, and I tag...







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Thanks so much for the tag! I'll do it sometime in the future...probably after I do a few "serious" and "deep" posts in order to avoid my blog becoming constantly random and silly... :P

Hehe...*innocently* do you have to?? ;)

That's perfectly all right! Your "serious and deep" posts are quite thought-provoking! I enjoy them! :) But you better not forget to do this silly one!!

Thanks for doing this! The part about doors being half open was funny, but you know, you're right. Maybe that's why I feel slightly irrated when I see a door half open. Maybe it's because I want it closed. :D

Thanks for sharing!

Yes! Someone else who doesn't like half-open doors!! We should make a club on FB! :D