Thank You!  

Posted by Tiffany

To all of my precious friends! :) I'm very blessed to have such wonderful, fun, and godly friends! You'll never know how much each of you bless me!

More Than Youll Ever Know - Watermark

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Well, girl, you've been an absolutely amazing friend for me as well. You don't know what it meant when you called me, a girl that lives half way across the country from you, never met you, and the only other time she talked to you, she coughed in your ear the whole time. Thank you for your like minded friendship, encouragement, and thoughtful facebook treats. :-)

(Oh, and I love the song!)

lol, oh Ana, I love you, girl! :) We need to talk sometime soon, no? It's been too long! And you're the one who gives me facebook treats! I hardly do a thing! Thanks, sweet friend! :)

Glad you enjoyed the song!