Never Alone  

Posted by Tiffany

Alone and standing on a tall, solid rock surrounded on all sides by a raging sea.

The waves of worldly desires, the flesh, and temptations crash and roar with their cold, foamy fingers trying to get further up the rock. Clouds, dark and brooding, cackle with hailing laughter. Lightening flashes and thunder rumbles, daring me to give in. The wind pulls and tugs at me with her taunting whispers: “Come, come. I offer you riches, fame, prestige. Come, come. I will give you everything your flesh desires.”

My knees grow weak. Doubt creeps into my heart. I feel myself starting to stumble and fall. One foot starts to slip of the edge, then the other. I grab the edge of the precipice. I'm giving in!

The Elements cheer me on as I continue to fail. Knowing I don’t want to do this, but unable to stop myself, I let one hand go. On the brink of letting go with the other, I remember...He is here.

I cannot feel His nearness, but I know He is here.

The Elements start screaming louder and louder, trying to pull me completely off. But they cannot stop me now-I will not be moved.

I muster every ounce of my remaining strength, and give a loud, piercing cry through the thick, heavy air. “God of Jacob! Hear my cry, and deliver me from this torment!”

At first it seems as though nothing has happened.

The wind keeps chanting, the waves continue to roar, and the thunder still rumbles. But I smirk at them and say, “You can do nothing now! My God has heard my cries, and He will rescue me!” In an instant everything calms. A brilliant light flashes across the sky. He slashes and stabs.
The Elements are bruised and crushed by the fury of the Lord. They scream and curse, fleeing to their lairs.
Then the Lord looks at me still hanging there with my one feeble hand. He comes over and lifts me back up. He renews my strength and fills me with His peace. The bright, blue water below glistens and sparkles from His radiant glory. The sky is alive with hues of the most luminous colors, and the soft wind whispers His comforting promises.

For the time being, I no longer try to stand on my own. I rest in His arms, and let Him fight for me.

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This is so encouraging. (Great rejoinder to your previous post, too.) No need to give up. Just wait in patience for His mercy...

Great post!

On another note:

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Merry Christmas!