A Glimpse Into My World--Hope  

Posted by Tiffany

Hello there.

Don't you just love the bright sun bursting its rays at you, covering you with warmth? Or maybe you enjoy a cloudy day that brings rain, and delicious mud-puddles to jump in, and maybe even a rainbow. And don't you just love bubbles? The clear crispness of them just makes you want to slip your finger through one. But then, you touch it, and POP! It makes you smile and want to do it all over again. What about the wind rushing around your body as your feet play around in the green, prickly grass. And you look out over the horizon thinking how small you are and how wonderful it feels to just slow down and watch nature. Or maybe you just love it when a little one chatters sweet baby talk, their curiosity a wonder as they discover the world around them... But you might be wondering by now who I am and why I'm asking you these questions? Well, I'm just a person out of the billions in the world. A person like you. I call myself The Nameless One, and that's how you'll know it's me. And all the questions? So I can connect to you in a familiar way. I'm not just The Nameless One who is far away and weird, I'm The Nameless One who likes things that a lot of other people, such as yourself, like too.

Another question for you...what happens when your life is going smooth and everything is good (or most everything, I mean, nobody's perfect, right?) so everything is good, great even, and then -BAM- like a bomb, your world starts to explode? What happens when darkness starts to surround you? You crash. Fall apart. Every glass piece of you starts to shatter. And those pieces don't just lay there on the ground. They poke you. Stab you. Cut you. And then, you're a wound. A walking wound. But the problem is, nobody can see it. It's hidden, and no one knows unless you show them. That's when things can get really bad. Because when you hold it all in and don't tell anyone, well then, you start wounding other people. And now you're not the one being hurt, but the one hurting others. So telling others about your hurt is good. People can help you, comfort you, encourage you, help you heal. You just have to know when it's the right time to tell someone and who's the right person. But...

What if there is no one? What if there is no one you can turn to? What then? Well, there is Someone. Someone you can always go to. He's always there. He always gives just the right amount of comfort, the right amount of encouragement, the right amount of healing, to keep you going. Living. Breathing. And amidst all the darkness and confusion, all the whys and what ifs, there's hope. Hope. Always hope. Because this Someone, this one person, one God gave His life. And His ray of light reaches into my world and shatters the darkness that shattered me. But the shattered pieces of darkness don't just lay on the ground. They disappear. And the confusion? It's replaced with a peaceful trust. All of a sudden I'm no longer a walking wound that's open, but a healing wound. That can laugh, and cry, and be joyful. And that's what happens when He's the center of your world.

Signing Out,
The Nameless One.

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That's beautiful! May God bless you.

I am glad you posted this, dear friend. Love ya!

Turn your eye's upon Jesus!

What a beautiful piece! Very encouraging! Thank you for sharing that! :)

~Noelle M.

Thanks for posting that...I'm not there yet, still lost in the dark...