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Posted by Tiffany

Put The Big Red Button on your site

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I am tempted to press it, lol!

:D Just one little click won't hurt... ;)

This definitly begs the question,
"What will happen "IF" I do push it?"

And it can only be answered if you press it... :D

So did you press the button Tiffany? I'll bet you did and that is how you decided to put it on your blog. Just to irritate and tempt us to do things. I am very curious to know if you pushed it yourself.

lol...Actually, I did press it. And you're right, that is how I decided to put it on my blog. :P I honestly didn't put it up there to irritate or tempt you, though, ironically, it is a "temptation." But the more I think about it, there's more to be learned from that button than just having some fun, hehe. :D