Growing in the Gap...  

Posted by Tiffany


It's me again, The Nameless One. I know it has been a while since I've written, but there are many times when the pen just refuses to write the page. But it's starting to write it again, for a little while at least...

You know when you sit on a chair without even thinking? Or what about when a father is teaching his child how to ride a bike? It's all so scary at first, and the child wants the father right there with her to watch her every move. But then, it becomes second nature, and the child no longer needs her father's guidance. How about a baby bird that is just learning to leave the nest? Or a person who keeps digging for gold even though he knows it might not be there? Trust. So much wrapped up in five little letters put together.

What happens when you completely trust something or someone and then that something or someone does something that makes you have to rebuild that trust all over again? What happens when your heart feels so torn and betrayed? When who you treasure the most feels like they've turned their back on you? And it hurts. So much. You'd just rather die. What if that someone was God? And you wonder how He could possibly allow that much pain to be inflicted upon you? Then you realize...

That He hasn't abandoned you. That the pain is only temporary. That you will smile and trust Him completely again. That all that searing pain brought you through a cleansing fire and mad you purer than gold. And that your relationship with the Savior only grew stronger and more beautiful as you realize the pain that He went through was ten times worse than yours, and that He understands so dearly. The lessons are long and hard, but the peace of the Father's hand slowly molding you is comforting in the fullest.

Signing Out,
The Nameless One

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My name is Lexi and I am a 15 yo sophmore. This year I have started a new movement called the Purity Challenge, where teens all over the country can join to encourage the importance of purity and inspire others to commit to staying pure for God and their future spouses. I would love it if you both joined or helped spread the movement to get more teens involved to make a difference.

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