One Million Chains  

Posted by Tiffany

One million chains,
All wrapped around.
So binding and heavy,
I fall to the ground.

One million chains,
They dig and they tear.
It hurts so much,
I can hardly bear.

One million chains
I cry out through the pain.
Tears fall one by one,
As the heaviness gains.

One million chains
Can I ever be free?
The darkness falls and the silence deafens,
But something inside stills me.

One million chains
A light shines through the darkness
A voice calls my name.
My eyes strain and see brightness.

One million chains
The voice says, “Come.”
I shake my head,
How can I move with this ton?

One million chains
The voice beckons again.
I pitifully look up,
Willing to give in.

One million chains
I move toward the light,
And strain every muscle.
Somehow, as I move, my burden gets light.

One million chains
A picture before me, as I get closer.
It looks like a cross,
Being borne on a shoulder.

One million chains
A man comes into view.
He's so battered and torn.
Does that sign say “King of the Jews”?

One million chains
I start to realize,
What He is doing.
And it brings a wrenching outcry.

One million chains
He called my name,
And showed me why.
I must now proclaim.

One million chains
I accept His offer.
His tender look,
Lets me know He's now my Father.

One million chains
All broken and gone.
They fall off one by one.
My wounds heal as the day dawns.

One million reasons
To praise His name.
His love so deep, so powerful
I can't contain.

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Thank you so much for your prayers, Tiffany. Thank you.

You're welcome, Amy. :) It's an honor and pleasure.