Admist the Confusion  

Posted by Tiffany

Why am I doing this?

For God's glory.

Then what is there to stress about?

Nothing. Yet I still have stress.

What is there to be afraid of?

Nothing! Yet I'm still afraid.

I'm doing this for God's glory. Doesn't that mean everything is going to work out?

Yes, but not the way I expect or want it to.

I'm doing this for God's glory. Doesn't that mean there won't be any trials?

No. Trails purify me and make me strong-glorifying Him all the more.

What matters above all else?

God and serving Him.


Why does God love me?

I don't know.

How I live

But I do know that He loves me, and that's all I need to know. He loves me enough to take away my stress and fear. And I have the choice to give them to Him - humbly bowing before Him and letting Him live through me.

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This was a very encouraging post, Tiffany. Thankyou! - and God bless with whatever it is that is confusing you.

*looks at Cbox on the side* was your birthday? How did I miss the memo?


That was a good post, Tiff! *hugs!* I'm sorry you're feeling stressed. I will pray for you, love!

Love and hugs!!

Beautiful, straightforward, relative to all mankind. Love you girl!


Thanks for the birthday wishes, Anika! :) Had a great time!

And thank you all, girls, for the encouragement! Your comments bless me so much! Thank you!!

*hugs all around*

Wow! Great post! And so true. Haven't we all felt that so many times?

Beautiful post! Thanks so much for the encouragement! =)

Thank you, Kirsten and Alyssa! :) Your comments are a tremendous blessing!

*hugs to you both*