Which SOA girl are you?  

Posted by Tiffany

In honor of our one year anniversary, the Sisters of the Armor group decided to make a quiz for y'all to enjoy! So please be my guest, and let me know which SOA girl you are! 'Tis quite fun! ;) :)

The Quiz

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I'm closest to Sadie, apparently! Though some of the questions were a bit strange... I mean, seeing that I have three siblings am I supposed to say "two or three" or "three or four"?

LOL! I really have no idea why it's like that...it should have been like "1-2" and "3-4", but oh well. It shouldn't have too much of an effect on who you are. ;)

And I never would have guessed you'd be like Sadie! I'd think you would be more like Camille or me...hmm...I must not know you that well. :P ;)

Erica: I wouldn't want you to be anyone else! :D Love you too!


I'm like Sadie, whoever she is...I guess she's my long lost lovely sister.

Same here on the siblings I have one, no more, but I do have one. So I did "2 or 3." Oh, well...

:D Sadie's a lot of fun, so she must be your sister... ;)

Lol...that was fun! I got Sadie. :D

Oh no. I'm thinking that maybe I should have a wider selection of friends... :P j/k ;)

You're all so very precious and awesome!! :) Thanks for taking the quiz!!