Big God - Small Things  

Posted by Tiffany

I was reading Erica's post, who lives in Nebraska, about the postcard she sent to Lisa, who lives in Australia. :)

Erica was talking about how God works in the small things. Little things that we don't think twice about being a blessing to someone; but God uses them in the most amazing ways. Just a little note or card, a smile, or a kind word. All of those things could bless someone's socks off!! And, who knows, maybe God will use those little things to give hope and new meaning to someone's life. I think when we get to heaven, we're going to be astonished by how many people were affected by the little things we did that we thought were nothing. Here's a story I've written called Little Things that I think goes well with this topic:

I knelt in my room praying out loud.

"Oh, God, why does it seem I do so little for you? I know some who are able to give so much and do so many things for others, and are respected by many. But I, Lord, am only able to help a few and give very little. How can I be as useful as them?"

Then I heard a voice call my name. My eyes searched the room, but I could see nothing.

The voice said, "Have you so little faith?"

I suddenly realized it was God.

"But Lord...."

"Let me show you one of the persons you have helped and of the little you gave him."

An image flashed before my eyes, and I saw a friend who had lost both his parents a few weeks ago; crying silently and holding a card I had sent him. It told how sorry I was for his loss and gave him some comforting words and Bible verses. He stood there reading it over and over again- like it was the only possession he had. He then got down on his knees and started thanking and praising God for a friend like me. Tears came to my eyes. "Lord, I had no idea that it would mean so much to him."

"Go and continue to help the few you know and give of what little you have. Because someday you will find that you have helped people you never even realized you helped, and what you gave was all that was needed."

Then the voice was gone.

It felt like a wonderful dream, but I knew it had happened. Peace and joy were overflowing in my soul. I decided to take a walk. I got up, put on a jacket, and started walking down the road. I soon saw an old woman who was having trouble crossing. I rushed to her side and as we walked, we chatted a little. After we had crossed the road, she looked at me and said, "I never knew someone could be so kind to take an interest in me and help me the way you did." I smiled and started walking home.

"Thank you Lord."

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Oh yes, Tiffany, you are so good with small things! Little things like sending people pretty e-cards, talking with them, and conspiring with four other lovely young ladies about shipping packages to Pennsylvania =D. I love you, girl, and keep doing those wonderful small things! You're awesome!

That was really good Tiffany. Was the story true? It was so good that I almost cried. Which says something.

No, the story is not true, but I wrote it when I didn't feel like I was doing anything for the Lord. I felt a little helpless to say the least! :)But God did and still does show me that I am doing things for Him. Just not in the way I think I should be doing them. :D

I'm glad you both enjoyed it! :)

Aw! Thank you for the reminder! It really touched my heart!
~Rebekah S (from the rebelution)