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My Dad listens to a local radio station called KOA 850 when going to and from work. He listens to it mainly because of the frequent traffic reports, but there's a show on there called "The Ride Home" that he listens to now and then.

Dad had to go on a business trip to California last week, and Mom decided to come along and make it a 20th anniversary trip. They weren't quite alone since they had to take Gideon with them. ;) Anyways, on the flight back, they sat next to a lady, Louis, who was also from Colorado and had spent the week in California. She was telling them how she had lived in California all her life, and had only been living in CO for about 6 years. She got to talkin' about how people recognized and knew her when she moved out here, and Mom was like, "How did people know you??" She said that she was a radio broadcaster. And then Dad's like, "Which radio station do you broadcast?" And guess what? She broadcasts on KOA!! My dad like totally freaked out; he couldn't believe it! So the next day, Dad gets this call from one of his co-workers, and the guy's like, "Who did you sit next to on the plane?" He said that Louis was talking about a couple with 10 kids, and goats, and all that. As soon as he heard that, he knew it was Dad. :)

So...I thought it was pretty neat that we were mentioned on the radio! But I won't leave you without a link to the broadcast!!! Here it is! Just listen to the first 10 minutes or so. :) Enjoy!

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HEY, Tiff! That is COOl!!!!! I feel famous! I'm sorry I can't listen to it at the moment, since I should be on a phone call with someone in less than ten minutes. But I promise I will later or tomorrow! Love you!


Hey! My Dad listens to KOA 'cause of the frequent traffic reports, too! I tried listening to the thing, but it wouldn't let me. I'll try agin though. [Again :D]
Anyhow... have a great day!
P.S. Is it okay if I add you to my blogroll?