Outrageously Adorable  

Posted by Tiffany

I’m sure most of you have seen babies. They’re cute, sweet, and cuddly, right? But have you ever held them and just gazed at them and really appreciated what precious gifts from the Lord they are? Well, in case you haven’t, let me see if I can paint a picture of my five-month-old baby brother, Gideon.

He has the cutest, little face with fat, round cheeks. Bright blue, curious eyes with beautiful (yes, I said beautiful) long lashes. A button, little nose, and a mouth that when it frowns you just want grab him up and comfort him in your arms; and when it smiles, with his cute stub of a tooth sticking up, you just want to gobble him up! He has light, soft, wispy hair that blows this-a-way and that-a-way when you blow on it. And his hands, oh, his hands can fit right in the palm of mine. He’ll usually bunch them up into a cute, little fist or sometimes, he’ll wrap a tiny finger around one of mine and hold on for dear life. He has the most infectious laugh and the most heart-breaking cry. And watching him fall asleep is like watching a little bit of heaven. He’ll start to slowly open and close his blue eyes until he gets into a deep enough sleep to keep ‘em closed.

What’s really neat to think about is that Christ was once a baby. When I’m holding Gideon in my arms and putting him to sleep, I think about the most precious gift of all born so long ago. And it makes me wonder what He looked like. I sure hope God keeps a scrapbook album!

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Cute!! I'm really looking forward to having a small cuddly baby in the house again. Joan just refuses to be cuddled.

Awwwww...... he is so handsome!!!!! A lot like Levi, but totally different too. :)